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Types of the events:
Let's CAPS the Book
Even if you did not make a promise to read 100 books this year, we know that you want to read more. Let`s CAPS the Book is a series of meetings which are created in order to study the most fascinating books together. We invite different experts who help us to understand deeply the ideas of the book and learn how to apply them in real life, through the real cases.
Let's CAPS the Debate
The disputes about business dilemmas can be even more interesting than the debates about public policies. During CAPS debates, members of our community can practice argumentation skills and public speaking, discussing the non-trivial situations and ethical dilemmas they face in business.
Let's CAPS the Case
Let`s CAPS the Case events are held in the format of meetings with successful entrepreneurs or top managers who are willing to share their unique experience. Case study is always a good practice - we conduct interactive discussions in teams, and community members share insights based on the experience of their companies.
Let's CAPS the Game
At CAPS we love to learn and play, and often forget what exactly is happening right now. It can be like the good old "What? Where? When?" With questions about business and economics, and" Crocodile " with pantomimes of the words, such as " scaling "or" Agile."
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April 4th, 18:00-21:00
Let's Caps Ilja Laurs: Investment
On April 4th, CAPS organized a meeting with a venture investor and entrepreneur from Lithuania Ilya Laurs, who spoke about investing through the lens of his experience.

He created and successful sold several companies with billions in assets. Now Ilya is Head of the Nextury Ventures fund who actively invests in high-tech companies. The Wall Street Journal added him to the "25 Best Technological Leaders of Europe" list, and he was also recognized as the "technology pioneer" at the Davos Forum. Ilya was a speaker at many international conferences, he is quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Bloomberg and other reputable media.

At this meeting, Ilya shared useful insights about investing from his own experience. Why do 86% of people who invest in projects lose their money? What role does artificial intelligence play in investments? What is the difference for startups between attracting investment from business angels and investment funds? Ilya answered these and many other questions during a meeting at CAPS.

We are waiting for you at the following Let's CAPS events!

CAPS business school, Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska, 55
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April 6th, 16:30-19:00.
Let's CAPS the Game with Sergi Kapanadze
How often do you have the opportunity to play "What? Where? When?" game together with the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia and the two-time owner of the Crystal Owl?

On April 6th we had "What? Where? When?" game with tricky questions from real business cases. The master of the game was the CAPS lecturer Sergi Kapanadze. Our graduates remember Sergi on meetings at Civil and Political School, this time we invited him to the module on effective negotiations for entrepreneurs.

We are waiting for you at the following Let's CAPS events!

CAPS business school, Kyiv, Velyka Vasylkivska, 55
Другие ивенты
April 23th, 18:30-21:30
Let’s CAPS the Case — Digital Transformation by AI
On April 23, CAPS and Microsoft Ukraine held a special event in Let's CAPS the Case format. This event was the first public appearance of Jan Peter de Jong as the Head of Microsoft Ukraine, and the CAPS business school was very pleased to invite all the Let's CAPS community members to discuss the digital transformation with artificial intelligence.

During his career, Jan Peter has worked for more than 20 years in the field of sales, IT service management and digital transformations. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked in IBM offices in the Netherlands, France, Spain and the Czech Republic. As the head of Microsoft, he focuses on the strategic development and digital transformation of the Ukrainian market.

At "Let's CAPS the Case - Digital Transformation by AI" meeting on April 23, Ian Peter talked about digital transformations of processes, products, services cases in global companies. He introduced us to the most advanced cases, shared his strategic vision of digitalization in Ukraine and answered our questions. Moderator of the discussion was David Brown — co-founder, Template Monster.
Let's CAPS the debate
Let's CAPS the book
Let's CAPS the book
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